• Vaginasaurus
    Every 6 out of 8 people on Twitter only talk to you because they want to wear your skin as a dress. I am one of those people. I also say 'fuck' a lot.
  • UpsideDownPoetry
    Honest blogger from up north. Passionate about mental health and disability rights. Fan of all things french, folky and tea related. Ludicrously short sighted.
  • Zode77
    Well i'm Dougie... if you wish to find more about me don't try asking Urban Dictionary because that is most utterly not true. Yes but all you need to know is that one day you will worship me :D
  • ILikeMusic
    I spend my time listening to new music, discovering old records and interviewing musicians. I also feature new artists in my Must Hear series... Say hello on twitter @kimhillyard :D
  • stephenfry
    I’m a tall fellow.