• dominique.cave
    I am a Computing teacher and Director of ICT at Hillcrest International Schools in Nairobi.
  • martinstojcev14
    роден на 31.03 1993 во Скопје
  • GrahamJFreer
    Radio Presenter and Interviewer. Armed with my recorder, I seek out interesting people to interview. The results are then posted on Audioboo, in the hope that you'll enjoy listening to them, just as much as I enjoyed talking to the people themselves.
  • acrw
    Andrew Westoby is a communications improver who thinks up marketing, PR & social media strategies for training providers, colleges and schools.
  • MissGrantham
    Year 4 class teacher and Rainbow leader excited about all things ICT-related. New to blogging and ICT co-ordinator from Sept12.
  • bizworld
    Nature enthusiast, natural solutions fan and more.
  • mrnmilligan
    ICT Technician Manager at Park View Community School. Apple Mac & iOS.
  • StPeterComputes
    A catholic school from the South of England exploring the Computesphere.
  • stiofan
    I teach ICT at Caxton College in Valencia , Spain. I will make the jump to teaching a GCSE in Computer Science in September 2014.
  • pagesarrow
    General reader. Unapologetic gamer. Passionate introvert. Coffee expert. Social media guru.
  • DominiqueCave
    I'm a Computing and ITGS teacher, passionate about the sensible use of technology to improve learning in everyone's classroom.
  • yoghurtraking
    Entrepreneur. Food evangelist. Internet fan. Award-winning zombie scholar. Coffee trailblazer. Social media buff.
  • publicflashy
    Future teen idol. Hardcore pop culture guru. Web advocate. Reader. Food aficionado. Creator.