• IsaPelosi
    All's Well That Ends Well
  • surprisehamper
    Certified bacon specialist. Tv scholar. Food practitioner. Proud twitter fan. Subtly charming problem solver.
  • NickiSixx12
    Only 5'3", but voice makes up for it...Lol Must be voice, because dentist always complains that mouth is small...Hmmm...Well, that doesn't sound right, good, whichever...
  • Cpotter282
    Some say I'm crazy I would call it quirky! Currently wanting to go back to study and obtain a degree in creative writing. Oh and my gr8 Uncle was Exec producer of Rainbow so never slate Rainbow - that will piss me off lol.
  • sunnynorwich
    Band manager & International Tour Manager. Music Industry Blogger. Final year BA (Hons) Music Management & Artist Development student at Bucks New Uni. Twitter: @sunnynorwich
  • Aiswin
    Artist and music enthusiast. Would love to do illustration/print/web images for musicians, previous experience ;-)