• chuffer73
    just me
  • Yellow76
    I am in my thirties I am blind, I enjoy dancing and singing and being with my three kids which I love sooooo much!!!!!!! I also love going to visit my mum and sister with my three kids.
  • cute-aries
    I like reading most types of books, various types of tv programmes, making new friends and listening to the Archers.I am mum to two boyss, 11 and 9.
  • ElinWilliamsuk
    Bookworm, shopaholic and texting addict., adrenalin junky, fashion fan and daydreamer.
  • Mproberts1977
    I live with Vikki Super dog a fridge full of food and much booz. Vikki tends to travel around the country with me which is more than not guided by technology, food and drink. All views are mine.
  • Spinnergirl
    I enjoy cooking, socialising and looking after my 3 parrots. I'm totally blind and love spending time with my fabulous partner @Dreamcatchersje
  • thebigr
    Line since birth. I use to be a tech trainer. I'm recently retired.
  • GShang
    Born in Australia, living in Israel, working in IT, trained audio engineer and musician, volunteer broadcaster, blind.
  • blindequestrian
    Loves animals, especially my guide dog and horses, writer, book fanatic and exploring my spiritual path
  • LoriThompson
    I am in office specialist and I work for the Minnesota Board of pharmacy. I enjoy reading, singing, and spending time with my family.
  • BlindPaladin
    I am a blind guy who loves cycling, goalball, and the good life.
  • Julieroc40
    I am a happily married woman in my mid 30's. I work part time. I am interested in cooking, lots of different kinds of music, going out, and making new friends.
  • wendywoo67
    I'm at college studying Diploma level 4 in therapeutic counselling. I'm cheaky and love to laugh. So hope you enjoy my boo's. :) xxx
  • BlindAlive
    I love talking about life, the universe, and everything. I also love anything to do with fitness, health, and food.
  • erinnpwns
    Nice to meet you! I speak Spanish and love Spain. I have a certificate to teach English as a foreign language. I sing and play the guitar on the side and you may hear this every once in a while.
  • Saloire
    Singer, scifi lover, sweetaholic and mummy to the world's most beautiful little monster!
  • musicfairy
    I love to read, write, and sing. I also love beading jewelery and arguing for fun. Oh, and chit chat is nice once in a while too. and its impossible to forget FOOD!!!! ?
  • MelPeskoe
    Endlessly curious, forever learner, love to laugh, opinionated, chatterbox, friendly, bubbly, easygoing, generally optimistic & happy.
  • PaulLeishman
    Hi I'm Paul leishman AKA Anjelicas Baby Musician And Psychology graduate