• sabrinaMcKiernan
    Sabrina singer,GuideDogUser,Friend.
  • TommyMolotov
    Tommy Molotov is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in London. The Kiev-born wanderer travels the world with a guitar slung on his back, absorbing inspirations from various cultures. His debut EP is out now on iTunes and Spotify.
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  • roosterloop1
    80%pro, 10% random, 100% fun... My lifes Resume, in plane view. you get! Promos, station imaging, free vo and fx for your own production pleasures, music, reviews/overviews, and more! Hey! It's what I live! Come back often, more on the way!
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  • Jason91
    It's going on two years now, and people keep telling me to get Twitter. Well, here you are. I've done it. Lol.
  • JeffThompson
    Love music, guitar, the blues, things that make you go, Huh? Woodworker, blogger, father, husband, but I love being unlabeled. I also run the AudioBoo Channel "Blind Abilities" listed under the Community section of the channels.
  • yanagram139
    Yana Ramos: singer, writer, advocate, 90's kid, part-time foodie, full-time dreamer. Social + media = a medium of change.
  • MikeMalarsie
    Combat wounded veteran, public speaker, blogger, podcaster, husband, father, runner, and on and on. Visit malarsie.com and htb2.com for everything else.
  • khalfan_bd
    Technology buff, accessibility advocate. Planning to pursue masters in special education. Hobbies: Playing piano, podcasting, reading, swimming.
  • SienaT
    I love spending time with family and friends, making new friends and learning about other cultures, customs, traditions etc. I'm a language student in university and hoping to work as a translator. Languages, music and technology are my passions!
  • hifigeorge
    Hi, I'm legally blind. I enjoy almost anything audio. I listen to a lot of music and even play a little, bass and spoons that is. I enjoy working with sound gear. As a volunteer sound man, I get to do this a lot. I have a preference for the older gear.
  • wmj1102
    I live in Denver Colorado. Enjoy football, music, Internet broadcasting, and just hanging with friends. Oh yes, how could I forget the ever popular cigar! You will find my recordings to be quite random, sometimes maybe even informative. Enjoy
  • trbftsr1
    Totally blind retired 9-1-1 communicator
  • byron27
    I'm a geek at heart, living in Chicago, native of Phoenix, lover of all things funny, talk-radio junkie / podcast junkie, Sci-Fi Fanatic, Ham Radio Tech KC9EEK
  • iBlindTech
    Husband, father, QA,and Podcaster. If you are blind or VI and use Apple's iOS then check out my site or subscribe to the podcast. You can search iTunes for iBlindTech or go to the site at iblindtech.com.
  • RobertCarter
    I am a psychologist and musician. I play Mandolin and guitar. I am also an amateur radio operator. My call is NC5R.