• phylliskhare
    Speaker - Consultant - Trainer ready to help your 101 or advanced audiences with Internet marketing technology.
  • Proof_Fairy
    Footie loving, curry eating, beer drinking, photo taking mum who also offers blogging and proofreading to small businesses.
  • emilynia
    A girl who loves vintage everything, food, wine, the countryside, life & laughter.
  • TheSimonJordan
    Speaker, host, parent, author and passionate about helping practitioners, coaches, trainers and consultants attract more clients. See the TV channel link.
  • ajwilcox
    MindManager Exploiter, Conference and Event Recorder and Publisher, Ancient but effective bowler (cricket)
  • AyoJohnson
    Ayo is an Africa Expert. Ayo has supported various Radio outlets around the world. Ayo recently featured as a Radio expert on BBC Radio, Voice of America, United Nations Radio, Time FM, SLBC, Colourful Radio, CRI China and many more
  • SophiaFine
    Fine Artist!
  • Debbie_L
    EFT practitioner and expressive artist helping people upgrade their lives by using EFT and expressive art to manifest, heal and grow. My family is my rock and I love to grow orchids.
  • twosoups
    Showed such promise when young but alas now fudgebrain ensues.
  • EmApocalyptic
    Writer, anxiety wrangler, tea drinker. Dressmaker and gamer. Author of the Split Worlds urban fantasy novels and dark short stories. Will not eat mushrooms.
  • andycoote
    Business Writer and Editor by day, would-be Crime Writer in my spare time. Developing Podcasting as an addition to my writing. I've always recorded interviews for transcription, now some will also be for broadcast.
  • ClaireRaikes
    Fun, Freedom & Nature-loving, Digital Soulpreneur. Creative Scanner. Intuitive Earth Angel into all sorts of fruit-cakery. Authentic Marketing & Self Branding Champion
  • mediocre_mum
    There's a two foot nutter on the loose in my house and I enjoy a glass of wine or two! Do say hi so I can follow you back.
  • talentdevelop
    Writer, researcher, publisher on the psychology of creativity and personal growth. Other sites: HighAbility; HighlySensitive; TheInnerActor; AnxietyRelief etc
  • mount_st_nobody
    I'm nobody. Who are you?
  • mrstevenallen
    Stand-up comedian, radio presenter, voice-over, content writer and such.
  • CatieLooLoo
    Champion Giggler.
  • JaySolomon8
    I am an interpreter of vibrational energy and translator of Source! I adore cream cakes, Starbucks coffee, and everything in moderation that is 'bad' for you, except drugs... don't do them, never have, never will! I am high enough on life and on my wor
  • LetsGetLyrical
    Share the song lyrics that stick with you and the story why. Events throughout Feb 2011. Run by UNESCO @EdinCityOfLit in partnership with @AllGlasgowMusic