• Angela_Delglyn
    Business owner with a penchant for healing others, teaching self maintenance, oh, and tango.
  • LauraLME
    ≈ Verses in Motion ≈ © ◊ between deep ravines ◊ ≈ and fresh waterfalls ≈ © Italian-English Poetry book ∞ IF I LOOK INSIDE ∞ ≈ Italian Leader @zenarmy ≈
  • NickyAACampbell
    BBC Radio and TV Presenter, Journalist, Musician, husband, father of 4 girls and animal lover
  • dreamspain
    A Property Professional - owner of Dream Spain Spanish Property and owner / manager of Rhumhor Holiday Lodge in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Scotland.
  • JulieGibbons
    Holistic writer, internet entrepreneur and specialist in creating a beautiful organic life. I am a natural woman: organic, home exchanging, home educating, location independent. Also at Organikal.com & VegBoxMenu.com
  • Redmummy1
    Sparklingly fair 1st time Mum of witty 13 yr old son/Disgruntled wife/Dog + kitten owner + gerbil cage cleaner/Ex BBC/Current Affairs mad/Erratic blogger
  • whitneypannell
    Eternal Optimist, Realtor,Social Media Addict,Devoted Swim Mom,Serious Multitasker,Download The Whitnet iphone app.
  • govsocgradessex
    ex normal who wants a life future house car by my own hands
  • rachelcochrane.com
    Listen to our rich collection of audio recordings: drama, short stories, poetry and more from Writer Rachel Cochrane & other Northern Writers & projects
  • 2degreesLads
    30 something, cranky, football loving individuals who plan to report all the office antics from 2degrees
  • martyndrake
    Former film & TV VFX engineer at a multi award winning (BAFTAs & Emmys) MPC. Now part-time video/film editor, sysadmin at Memset Ltd (http://www.memset.com)
  • ElspethMurray
    Poet & Wordsmith. Multifariously multi-faceted. Works with the multi-award winning show 'The Man Who Planted Trees'. Relishes life in Edinburgh and elsewhere.
  • phylliskhare
    Speaker - Consultant - Trainer ready to help your 101 or advanced audiences with Internet marketing technology.
  • Proof_Fairy
    Footie loving, curry eating, beer drinking, photo taking mum who also offers blogging and proofreading to small businesses.
  • emilynia
    A girl who loves vintage everything, food, wine, the countryside, life & laughter.
  • TheSimonJordan
    Speaker, host, parent, author and passionate about helping practitioners, coaches, trainers and consultants attract more clients. See the TV channel link.
  • ajwilcox
    MindManager Exploiter, Conference and Event Recorder and Publisher, Ancient but effective bowler (cricket)
  • AyoJohnson
    Ayo is an Africa Expert. Ayo has supported various Radio outlets around the world. Ayo recently featured as a Radio expert on BBC Radio, Voice of America, United Nations Radio, Time FM, SLBC, Colourful Radio, CRI China and many more
  • SophiaFine
    Fine Artist!
  • Debbie_L
    Hi I'm Debbie Z. Lattuga and I help realtors break through their ceiling of achievement and increase their income and happiness.