• Cherokee_Princess
    #Cherokee, whitebelt in #taekwondo, #MooreTornado survivor, #NativeLanguagePreservation, #singer & #flautist. #oklahoma
  • JeffThompson
    Love music, guitar, the blues, things that make you go, Huh? Woodworker, blogger, father, husband, but I love being unlabeled. I also run the AudioBoo Channel "Blind Abilities" listed under the Community section of the channels.
  • dazoa78
  • shirl1026
    I'm 35, blind since birth, have a guide dog named Nitro. Love music, singing, reading, hanging with friends, talking, have a good sense of humour, my boos will be about random things, follow me if you would like to know more!
  • keighty
    I'm 20,female,& blind.I have a guide dog,Linnsu! Music is life!Ask for whats app and other info.I'm also real active on twitter.I'm sarcastic,blunt,and a slight urban hippy.Lol not really. HipHop,R&B,and everything in between! Hit me up to know more.
  • Keizilla
    I'm Keila. It's nice to meet you! :) This feed is mainly for me to share my singing with those of you who are sweet and care to listen to it. Thanks for stopping by!
  • clockworkkriss
    I'm a person that's easy going, fun loving and who loves the computer, my friends, and chime clocks, not in any particular order! I also love broadcasting
  • lino_and_rico
    Married, 38, Christian and conservative. I also enjoy music, computers, and MLB.
  • TheOrangeCircle
    Always ready for a healthy debate, laughter, and making new friends. @TheOrangeCircle is where tweeters can follow me. Hope you like what you hear - enjoy.
  • wesderby
    I'm a father, a Christian, love sports, music, movies, reading, coffee, good beer/spirits, and meeting new people. I also happen to be blind.
  • bryancedwards
    It is eye says he!
  • Danielle_D
    Do what you want to
  • MusicMan1987
    I love music, and radio. I also like to sing and play my keyboard. I also have an intrest in becoming a radio dj, and I right my own songs.
  • edwardalonzo
    Hello. I am a totally blind person interested in music, audio production, and computers. I like reading and meeting new people. thankyou for visiting my audioboom profile
  • Jonnyboy1991
    Hi all. I'm Jonathan Candler, I play a lot of music and I do love to listen to a lot of music as well. I'm also a tech gueek. so if you want, hit me up...
  • gcf1uf
    I don't want to receive messages. I am just here to listen. I am not going to upload anything
  • princesslizzie
    Hi my name is Nuris i love to sing play the piano make new friends and i love God. I am a christian have been since the age of 14