• goalballer
    listen and you'll hear all about me and the people who are important to me
  • PilgrimChris
    Life is a pilgrimage for me and I am lucky that my passion for hiking is also my living. I have a faith, but am not an evangelist and I rarely discuss my beliefs.
  • slandi
    I'm a dreamer, self-professed garage engineer, family man who enjoys computers, Sci-fi, gadgets, music and art. I call Montreal, Canada my home and enjoy using Audioboo.
  • iankath
    Podcaster with YourStoryPodcast.com sharing other peoples stories with the world and CreateYourLifeStory.com where I show people how easy it is to record their own Life Story or that of someone they care about. Living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia bu
  • soulcruzer
    Blogger, #SocialTechHippie and adventurer in pursuit of being a happy human. SocialTech, #SocialRadio and stories.
  • macolgan
    Hi ... I'm @macolgan - I think . I "have" been wrong before though :) Living in the bustling ' Central Belt ' of Scotland - my plans are to retire to the West Coast or Islands. A keen cyclist, but spend more time now walking my local hills and parks.
  • nyssapod
    This is my AudioBoo audioblog, because I've always been better at talking than writing!
  • i_am_mr_sedders
    a creator of video, photos, and audio. telling stories by digital, and somethimes analogue means.
  • muchadiaboutnothing
    Musician, vegan, atheist.
  • iainmhepburn
    Digital editor. Half-geek. Podcaster. Partick Thistle supporter. MMA fan. Glaswegian. Curmudgeon.
  • eenscotland
    The Enterprise Europe Network is your local gateway to a wealth of information on doing business, finding collaborative partners and increasing your competitiveness in Europe. Our expertise and services are available free to Scottish-based businesses.
  • craigmcgill
    Author, Journalist, social media type, based in Scotland.
  • RachaelPhillips
    Writer, journalist, blogger, creative type, incessant chatterbox, mac user, travel enthusiast, glossy mag addict, tea drinker, jaffa cake connoisseur etc
  • DeanRead
    Can be spotted Walking, Bushcrafting, Geocaching, MTBing and Photographing things along the way. I love sharing my adventures weather it be in audio, video or pictorial form.
  • Audioboochannelban
  • councilofeurope
    Sets standards, fights for democracy, human rights and the rule of law and ensures that Europe is so much more than you think.
  • News 952x242
  • timdifford
    Social Technology, Collaboration & Innovation.