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  • skihog
    Ski Teacher and Tour Guide. Location depends on time of year, summer in Scotland, winter in the Alps
  • DavidLuciusKING
    Audioboo is my online library of song ideas. Feel free to listen.
  • Zode77
    Well i'm Dougie... if you wish to find more about me don't try asking Urban Dictionary because that is most utterly not true. Yes but all you need to know is that one day you will worship me :D
  • ShanManOnline
    Night air-talent on Arizona's premiere active rock radio station from 7-10PM nightly! I give you new music, news, and any other musings I have rattling around in my head. Feel free to leave me a DM on Audioboo or respond back to one of my posts!
  • jdelStrother
    Audioboo code monkey.
  • markrock
    Original architect, dreamer & pilot of Audioboo, now creating Adio.fm. Dad of 4, wants a vegetable garden. Organic, of course...
  • mrstevenallen
    Stand-up comedian, radio presenter, voice-over, content writer and such.
  • Jason_Cobb
    Digital disruptor.
  • buddhamagnet
    Deep imagination diver.
  • philcampbell
    i'm never gonna conform.
  • tomlang
    Writer, Blogger and King of tea. i write children's poems and my views of the world as seen from a maniacs mind... i enjoy every aspect of life and enjoy moaning about it... Check out my website http://www.tomlangham.co.uk for more information...
  • 1indienation
    Love music, photography and tech. Host & Produce the 1indienation Podcast.
  • i_am_mr_sedders
    a creator of video, photos, and audio. telling stories by digital, and somethimes analogue means.
  • PilgrimChris
    Life is a pilgrimage for me and I am lucky that my passion for hiking is also my living. I have a faith, but am not an evangelist and I rarely discuss my beliefs.
  • rich_w
    Man of letters & numbers; also occasionally of action. Husband to NTW. Dad to @oscarwatts and @lyrawatts. Friendly geek.