• Keizilla
    I'm Keila. It's nice to meet you! :) This feed is mainly for me to share my singing with those of you who are sweet and care to listen to it. Thanks for stopping by!
  • Fidelco4Ever
    Assistive technology specialist. Have 2 degrees: Secondary Ed Spanish and Modern Languages Spanish/German
  • eyelessmac
    I'm a mid 20s guy who loves technology, animals, and reading. I work for an almost Apple Store in Canada called Jump Plus. Find me on Twitter if you wish @eyelessmac
  • MikeMalarsie
    Combat wounded veteran, public speaker, blogger, podcaster, husband, father, runner, and on and on. Visit malarsie.com and htb2.com for everything else.
  • ElegantInsights
    Elegant Insights Braille Creations is a distinctive collection of jewelry and accessories, all hand-crafted and made in the USA. We use contemporary metals such as brass, copper, and stainless steel, and all of our products are embossed in Braille.
  • 4squarius
    To anyone who may stumble on my page, I just upload for fun. I like having nice memories of friends family and fun events. Feel free to message if you want to chat.
  • IAmMarissaC
    I'm Marissa, don't use this often but feel free to say hi. marissapc2010 on twitter
  • clj2230
    someone who loves life and family and friends
  • wmj1102
    I live in Denver Colorado. Enjoy football, music, Internet broadcasting, and just hanging with friends. Oh yes, how could I forget the ever popular cigar! You will find my recordings to be quite random, sometimes maybe even informative. Enjoy
  • toonhead
    Hey it's me Toonhead, dj, technology freak just here to tweet and have fun.
  • riss_bits
    What's up People. I'm Marissa from KY. wanna get to no me? go for it I guess.haha
  • AustinNix123
    20, deafblind, college Sophomore, you can expect all kinds of boos from me. lol
  • soundsofdreams
    people have asked me... how do you dream?, and now i ask you the same question, and you? how do you dream?
  • liamerven
    I'm blind. What else do you want to know?