• RoddyJenkins
    Radio presenter and avid tweeter. Taking on life with eczema, asthma, and being partially sighted. Welcome along! :-)
  • GreyMatter21
    Comfy slippers, Iced tea and Sun
  • comandante1967
  • danneale
    Co-founder Alfred | @WeAreAlfred | PR, Social & Digital Agency | Personal Opinions | Animated GIF | http://t.co/zwXLluHbbE
  • FergalGlean
    Writer, student at UEA. Mostly concerned with Nintendo and cartoons and comics because I have the interests of a 9-year old.
  • Shonankuma
    Live in Japan, came from Oz, I follow back when you interact. And yes I know what kuma means in Kenya. Worth noting I'm not in Kenya.
  • RossGoldenBannon
    Restaurant Critic, Sunday Business Post; Editor, FEAST; activist http://t.co/JplU6rAORN, author http://t.co/DlRsVbVYja co-founder #GuerrillaGourmetClub #feast
  • OttoEnglish
  • GeorgiTsanev
    PhD Student in Voice Recognition
  • mickfealty
    Originator of Slugger O'Toole blog; digital pathfinder; and freelance writer on politics/new media
  • DanMcLaughlin
    Journalist for Shock Radio and Quays News, Blackburn Rovers sufferer & full-time Whovian. Views are my own, unless I've been brainwashed by Derren Brown…again.
  • McElenySNP
    Councillor for Gourock in Inverclyde and SNP Council Group Leader