• bolehillbilly
    Nerdy geek freak. Earl Grey lover and design dabbler.
  • AWistfulEye
    Historian, atheist, socialist, skeptic, etc.
  • DirkAnthony
    Media Executive, Business, Leadership, Content, Audiences, Traditional & Multi-Platforms, Devices, Talent.
  • gregjones
    Freelance Science Journalist
  • mao_tse_tung
    funk is its own reward
  • KevinJRawlinson
    Journalist: Guardian | Channel 4 News | Times | BBC. Cover Home Affairs, WikiLeaks/Assange, extremism, on/offline activism. New Journalist of the Year Nominee
  • Simonplatts
    Broadcaster // Musician.
  • JohnBaish
    I work for the BBC in Berkshire, and will sometimes post audio from our output, but this is a personal account.
  • DavidHendy
    Professor of Media, University of Sussex, into sound and cultural history. Lives in Oxford, England.
  • SandrineRamdane
    'If you differ from me, my brother, far from wronging me, you improve me.' Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944)
  • LozzieChops
    Community Musician, working with adults who have a learning difficulty. Using music therapeutically and communicatively.
  • e_suehiro
    元カトキチ中の人をやっていました。 「ツイッター部長のおそれいりこだし」日経BP社より絶賛発売ちゅる。
  • KimPlumley
    Mom, publicist and lover of books!