• Psythor
    Editor of The @PodDelusion, joint founder of @SkepticalVoter. Tweets are my own personal ill-informed opinions, unrelated to my employer!
  • Ianmachan
    UK Consultant in Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • steveaustins76
    Husband, football fan, radio listener and Editor of BBC Radio Wales. Views and boos are my own.
  • HiRyo
    Study English and Chinese
  • gmd
    The BBC's radio station for Devon. Start your day with Gordon Sparks. Join Matt & Michael for Good Morning Devon at 6. Judi Spiers is here from 9. Fitz at 12 inc Devon@1 before David Sheppard @3 and then Bill Buckley drives you home from 5pm. Mark Forrest
  • bolehillbilly
    Nerdy geek freak. Earl Grey lover and design dabbler.
  • AWistfulEye
    Historian, atheist, socialist, skeptic, etc.
  • DirkAnthony
    Media Executive, Business, Leadership, Content, Audiences, Traditional & Multi-Platforms, Devices, Talent.
  • gregjones
    Freelance Science Journalist
  • mao_tse_tung
    funk is its own reward
  • KevinJRawlinson
    Journalist: Guardian | Channel 4 News | Times | BBC. Cover Home Affairs, WikiLeaks/Assange, extremism, on/offline activism. New Journalist of the Year Nominee