• Melliemeow
    I'm red headed and left handed.. and that's not easy.
  • maxxhendriks
    I was born. When I was 11 I got my first computer. Then I started making funny sound clips. That's still what I am doing. The end. #AudioBooBio
  • whoislikedog
    Narcissistic Fucking Jerk.
  • Cool_Jesse
    The meanest, angriest, sweariest love you'll ever get accidentally covered in. (Plus silliness. With pretty words included in the price of admission.)
  • silent.musings
    Queer Butch, Spoken Word Poet, Unusual Suspect with a minor in Thinking Guru- Sometimes I see dead people, sadly most of them are still alive.
  • 1knotwhole
    I'm the neighbor Staring over the fence and wishing Your lot was a forest.
  • wrdsmythe
    Life is lived one wtf at a time