• dazoa78
  • Keao
    Is an internet broadcaster, loves to read, write, and to take part in other virtual worlds. Hope you enjoy my boos! Not sure what to say sometimes.
  • shirl1026
    I'm 35, blind since birth, have a guide dog named Nitro. Love music, singing, reading, hanging with friends, talking, have a good sense of humour, my boos will be about random things, follow me if you would like to know more!
  • keighty
    I'm 20,female,& blind.I have a guide dog,Linnsu! Music is life!Ask for whats app and other info.I'm also real active on twitter.I'm sarcastic,blunt,and a slight urban hippy.Lol not really. HipHop,R&B,and everything in between! Hit me up to know more.
  • leehodge
    I live near Liverpool in the UK and am happily married to the gorgeous Jess. I am totally blind, with a beautiful snow coloured labrador retriever guide dog named Enily. We also have two cats, simba and Chester and Jess hhas a guide Dog called Olly. I lov
  • VE5MAH
    I’m a 26 year old guy. Love meeting new people and making friends. I’m a ham user. Call sine Ve5Mah. I love Technology. A huge apple fan. Also love recording.
  • denverjudoqueen
    Home of the weird moment. I am just plain weird, so enjoy.
  • EltonBrad
    I'm legally blind and hearing impaired. I love listening to music, reading books and doing things on my computer. I've loved music all my life!
  • Cherokee_Princess
    #Cherokee, whitebelt in #taekwondo, #MooreTornado survivor, #NativeLanguagePreservation, #singer & #flautist. #oklahoma
  • JeffThompson
    Love music, guitar, the blues, things that make you go, Huh? Woodworker, blogger, father, husband, but I love being unlabeled. I also run the AudioBoo Channel "Blind Abilities" listed under the Community section of the channels.
  • Theapplegirl
    I am 23 years old. I love my Apple products.
  • kyle_1987bigpond.com
    am a first time user of twitter am looking to gain employment get physically fit and learn to cook and live independently
  • LarryKowalsky
    I love techno music :) I living and work in Lublin, Polska
  • mikebratley
    I own a small business in Vancouver BC. We have been building and renovating sundecks, patios, and decks for over 30 years.
  • Jackie.mcbrearty
    Guide dog owner and love chocolate and jammies
  • manda1341
    hiking with dog guide by my side, poetry, psychotherapist, pottery throwing, Irish music, life , narratives, Interacting with those who highly value being genuine,and a Preference for communication with those who want substance more than"weather!"