• sizemore
  • Paulbradshaw
    Visiting Professor at City University and leader of the MA Online Journalism at Birmingham City University. Founder of crowdsourcing investigative journalism website Help Me Investigate.com. Publisher of Online Journalism Blog.
  • rhys_isterix
    I am an assassin of the senses, i sit on boards not fences, when i spit on the mic the crowd goes mentles - or something?
  • ellis
  • ilicco
    Head of Mobile at LBi. ex head of mobile, Reuters. Intrigued & amazed by mobile technology. Fancies photography, likes cartoons, loves chocolate.
  • stephenfry
    I’m a tall fellow.
  • Jangles
    Communicator, blogger, podcaster based in the UK.
  • markrock
    Original architect, dreamer & pilot of Audioboo, now creating Adio.fm. Dad of 4, wants a vegetable garden. Organic, of course...
  • Documentally
    Ex cow herder, engineer of human souls. Storymaker. More audio here.. bli.ms/u/documentally/audio/rss