Wesley Fryer

Husband, dad, teacher, author, speaker & friend. I help people communicate better with media. Author of http://www.playingwithmedia.com

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA



Visual Notetaking Reflections
  1. Abstract and concrete thinking
  2. Reflecting on visual notes
Velma Oklahoma Lessons Learned
  1. Coaches' Eye Video
  2. Hawaii virtual field trip
  3. Technology doesn't bite
  4. We remember what we do
Audio by Sarah
  1. Sarah Tells About Sphere Play And Acrobats At The Medieval Festival
  2. Peel And Eat Shrimp In Hawaii
  3. Observations From The Edge Of Kilauea Crater
  4. Memories Of Our Vacation Rental In Honolulu
Audio by Alex
  1. Memories Of Seeing Pele And Flowing Lava
  2. Mexican wolves on the move
Philmont 2012
  1. Philmont Day 1: Cathedral Rock
  2. Philmont Day 2: Cimmaroncito
  3. Philmont Day 3: Sawmill
  4. Philmont Day 4: Mount Phillips
Audio by Rachel
  1. USS Arizona Impressions
  2. Torpedo At Pearl Harbor
  3. USS Utah Reflections From Pearl Harbor
  4. Learning About Navy Divers At Pearl Harbor