• RaquelG
    Constant reader, technical writer, international music-lover, shower singer, recreational 12-string player, former technology trainer, OK cook, dog person…
  • Ericmbourgeois
    Love classical music. Love to hang out with family and friends.
  • alberth
    I have a unstoppable need to try to entertain you. My mom thinks I'm funny. The online world pleases me. Oh, and I sing like Elvis.
  • Gwenllian
    Greetings! I am a musician, avid reader, news junkie, lover of nature and an active member of my church. I love to share knowledge and wisdom wherever I may find it. I am also unashamedly quirky, but I do hope you enjoy some of what you hear from me.
  • sibbymeade
    A freelance journalist working across all media platforms. Loves life, come and follow my hilarious, but sometimes serious journeys. Smile.
  • Purplecakes3
    Welcome to my wonderful, weird world!! Curiousity is the curse of the human mind!
  • dazoa78
  • macolgan
    Hi ... I'm @macolgan - I think . I "have" been wrong before though :) Living in the bustling ' Central Belt ' of Scotland - my plans are to retire to the West Coast or Islands. A keen cyclist, but spend more time now walking my local hills and parks.
  • JaffaStar
    Fun-loving single mum; Trekkie; guide dog owner. :)
  • MelPeskoe
    Endlessly curious, forever learner, love to laugh, opinionated, chatterbox, friendly, bubbly, easygoing, generally optimistic & happy.
  • clairebland1
    Songwriter and owner of Audio Imaging Services. From sheffield england. Live with my fella and guide dog.
  • Dezzi
    I'm a red head and a mom. Blind since birth, very independant. Love cooking, writing, music and books of all kinds and talking with others.
  • DerryLawlor
    I enjoy a good glass of decent wine and listening to a good audio book. I also love audio described telly and films.
  • Scrim11
    Blind musician living in Hereford. It does what it says on the tin.if you wish, you can buy my CD jack on the rocks, from W WW.cdbaby.Com/CD/JackScrimshaw
  • Melanieakpotu
    I live with my husband, 2 sons of 22 and 18, my guide dog, pet Poodle and 4 cats. Welcome to the madhouse!
  • Craig_slater
    I have always had an interest in recording and anything to do with sound. I am also a musician who loves folk and blues music. I have a guide dog called Thomas.
  • sabrinaMcKiernan
    Sabrina singer,GuideDogUser,Friend.