• seany68
    I am a Married Female Christian who enjoys making friends. I love my Dog guide River and my two ring neck doves, Cody and Princess. I enjoy doing fun activities and making new friends.
  • massilimanga
    me, myself and I. Nothing special except the color of my hair, due to the great sens of humour of my hair dresser. French and english - depends on the place.
  • Montagfire
    Comedy waiter - Radio DJ on www.phonic.fm - Musician -Ghosthunter- Producer - Actor - Dad - and loads of other stuff. These Boos are snippets of interviews of famous and not famous people, music I have written and friends doing great stuff too. Enjoy!
  • mscrimger
    Casting from Victoria, BC I am an avid photographer, videographer, geocacher and computer enthusiast.
  • MarkSpoff
    starting up with lovefre.sh - game community host - web and audio tweaker - geek with a love of creativity in all flavours. wannabe farmer.
  • soundmap
    Moderating the British Library's Evolving English accent map (http://www.bl.uk/evolvingenglish/maplisten.html) and UK Soundmap projects.
  • sometimesweplay
    PLaY creates multi-diciplinary performances and sound installations for different audiences in theatre and public spaces. The company also produces a range of music and drama educational workshops and participatory programmes.