• Scottaw
    Man of many podcasts (see http://www.saw66.com/podcasts/). Currently making people angry with the Haberdashery Podcast at http://www.habdab.com
  • markrock
    Original architect, dreamer & pilot of Audioboo, now creating Adio.fm. Dad of 4, wants a vegetable garden. Organic, of course...
  • Audioboochannelban
  • GarethM
    Presenter, BBC Digital Planet. Also, a lecturer in Science Communication at Imperial College London. Optimistic, utterly hilarious, sometimes sarcastic
  • Delores
    I love London, I love living my life to the full and I record what I can. I'm a Journalist and I'm fascinated by stories from the normal small person. So interesting sweating the small stuff. Have courage in what you do and you are sure to succeed. h