• MrsAshborosCat
  • maxrzepka
    Clojure and Data Enthusiast ...ein Neubeginnen, ein Spiel, ein aus sich rollendes Rad, eine erste Bewegung, ein heiliges Ja-sagen.
  • LoubyBouby
    Flirty, Frisky, Fabulous, Frivolous, Fruity, Funky,...err....Farty? Eww no....Fucked up?? mmm probably...FEMALE! Yeah, definitely that!
  • phantom_blonde
    Some days I'm your super girl, out to save the world and it keeps getting better...
  • QuantumTree
    A bit boring, if I do say so myself.
  • ne1sportszone
    presenter of the sports zone on newcastle community radio station NE1fm saturdays from 2 til 5.10 pm, 102.5 fm or www.ne1fm.net, also broadcast on spice fm excluding last 10 minutes, 98.8 fm or www.spicefm.co.uk
  • Leontia2001
    I am woman. Act accordingly.
  • spiffykates
    My stream of consciousness has no filter... you are forewarned.
  • vpolichar
    Early Usenetter, social network studier, knitter, party-thrower, singer, writer, songwriter.