• juliantreasure
    Check out my free Udemy course 'Sound Affects' at udemy.com/sound-affects International Speaker Chairman | The Sound Agency Author | Sound Business
  • syzygy
    I'm made of radio, music, comedy, coffee and hugs. I present 'The Weekendery' on MintFM on a Thursday evening and occasionally can be found spouting nonsense on the British Tech network. Often a bit too warm.
  • skevosmavros
    Writer. Editor. Student. Procrastinator.
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  • jamesstodd
    Senior producer for Celador Radio - creating production and imaging for The Breeze Network and Jack FM South Coast. Imaging Director for Benztown Branding Hollywood for the Avalanche Classic Rock library.
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  • jackfmhertfordshire
    Jack FM - playing what we want in Hertfordshire!
  • AdamCommentism
    Jobbing journalist and armchair scientist. Other ists also.
  • zakstanley
    I'm a journalist producing local radio material for the BBC in Cornwall
  • spaceboffins
    Welcome to the Space Boffins podcast - a monthly space podcast presented by Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson. Find us on Facebook and Twitter @spaceboffins
  • SpaceKate
    Freelance broadcast journalist, also known as @RadioKate. This is my mission to get into space. Somehow. There has to be a way. Help me find it!