• AstralAudio
    Writer, producer, voice-over artist, and geek that enjoys the experiences life brings. Follow me for all the fun!
  • byron27
    I'm a geek at heart, living in Chicago, native of Phoenix, lover of all things funny, talk-radio junkie / podcast junkie, Sci-Fi Fanatic, Ham Radio Tech KC9EEK
  • katya20707
    into food, perfumes, current events, cooking, and music, including classical, classic rock, older arab singers
  • kb7qlt
    I'm 34, married, I run EdifiedAccess.info. My wife nd I enjoy Amateur radio.
  • darolthenerd
    Education, technology, law, and occasional random thoughts.
  • Rhymingmom
    I am an assistive technology specialist of all things Apple, from the iOS devices to the Mac. I want to help people attain their goals through and with this knowledge.
  • artyi
    catholic geek
  • BlindBirder
    I'm a big blind dude who loves languages, percussion and birds. I love Audio Boo, but we Americans are scarce.
  • VA3ETS
    I'm a 29 year old totally blind Canadian. Interested in Pipe organs, Apple products, doing audio production. i've also been a licensed amateur radio operator, or ham, as they are commonly known, since 2000. I'm also a huge baseball fan.
  • rilniski
    totally blind, have a guide dog. am a spanish instructor at a school for the blind.
  • bossjockapp
    Podcast from iOS, no PC needed.
  • RaeManderscheid
    Well, I am Rae and I am exotic guy. I am small in size but I hope I will be able to get larger somehow. I hope medicine will find solution to my problem.
  • jwginn
    Jeremy writes and speaks about issues related to mindset, productivity, and customer service. He loves reading, the Montreal Canadiens, American history, and most important his wife and kids!
  • RaquelG
    Constant reader, technical writer, international music-lover, shower singer, recreational 12-string player, former technology trainer, OK cook, dog person…
  • Oulds1938
    Falls down a lot. Alcohol specialist. Student. Unable to type with boxing gloves on. Infuriatingly humble web fanatic.
  • Humanoide
    I'm a Geek who loves technology, movies, astronomy & photography. I speak French & English. As far as I know, I am Human, but I sometimes wonder...