• MarkChambers
    CEO of Naace http://www.naace.co.uk into Learning, Technology, Life, Faith, my Family, Friends, Colleagues and Stuff. Views expressed are my own....
  • polybi
    Mad, bad, and extremly dangerous to know.
  • mcmanusp
    The location of an injured person in the country will dictate the personal injury amounts she likely will be able to obtain in a personal injury settlement.
  • TrentonTheTMan
    I'm a technologist, podcaster, and musician, who absolutely loves everything, and anything Google Chrome! Care to get in touch with me besides via Audioboo? Just remember, TrentonTheTMan, is everywhere! Or visit my official site, for direct links, and mor
  • iBlindTech
    Husband, father, QA,and Podcaster. If you are blind or VI and use Apple's iOS then check out my site or subscribe to the podcast. You can search iTunes for iBlindTech or go to the site at iblindtech.com.
  • Jesse_Boyer
    Work at Crest Foods as a cashier. Love social networking. Find me on YouTube, Ustream, Facebook, MySpace, Formspring, Webs, etc.
  • AstralAudio
    Writer, producer, voice-over artist, and geek that enjoys the experiences life brings. Follow me for all the fun!
  • byron27
    I'm a geek at heart, living in Chicago, native of Phoenix, lover of all things funny, talk-radio junkie / podcast junkie, Sci-Fi Fanatic, Ham Radio Tech KC9EEK
  • katya20707
    into food, perfumes, current events, cooking, and music, including classical, classic rock, older arab singers
  • kb7qlt
    I'm 34, married, I run EdifiedAccess.info. My wife nd I enjoy Amateur radio.
  • darolthenerd
    Education, technology, law, and occasional random thoughts.
  • Rhymingmom
    I am an assistive technology specialist of all things Apple, from the iOS devices to the Mac. I want to help people attain their goals through and with this knowledge.
  • artyi
    catholic geek
  • BlindBirder
    I'm a big blind dude who loves languages, percussion and birds. I love Audio Boo, but we Americans are scarce.
  • VA3ETS
    I'm a 29 year old totally blind Canadian. Interested in Pipe organs, Apple products, doing audio production. i've also been a licensed amateur radio operator, or ham, as they are commonly known, since 2000. I'm also a huge baseball fan.
  • rilniski
    totally blind, have a guide dog. am a spanish instructor at a school for the blind.
  • bossjockapp
    Podcast from iOS, no PC needed.