Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals

H&F Community Against Closures of Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals!

Fulham Palace Road


Imperial Trust Public Meeting 27/07/2016
  1. The attendance of A&Es is increasing year-on -year
  2. Imperial NHS Trust is considering to use UBER for transporting patients to cut costs
  3. How the Trust is going to fund the redevelopment?
Imperial Board meeting 26/11/2014
  1. What is the future for Charing Cross Hospital?
  2. Is Imperial NHS Trust putting profit before people?
  3. Why are CCGs paying trips to America to Imperial Trust executives?
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust AGM 24/09/2014
  1. Application for Foundation Trust, closures, inspections and plans for the Imperial Trust NHS - Dr Tracey Batten
  2. The Finances of Imperial Trust NHS - Bill Shields
  3. The Key plans of Imperial Health Trust NHS
Jeremy Hunt MP on the Iain Dale show on LBC
  1. David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt BETRAYED West Londoners with the downgrading of Charing Cross Hospital and the A&Es!
  2. Jeremy Hunt accused of ‘dishonesty’ by doctor over London A&E closures!
  3. The poor areas in West London will be without A&Es
Imperial Trust NHS shutting Hospitals...Does the NHS need more money?
  1. NHS should be restructured - Hope you are listening Imperial Trust
  2. NHS should be properly managed...
  3. Imperial Trust NHS says the closures are not Financial
Imperial Trust Public Meeting 30/07/2014
  1. Part 16 - Imperial Trust Public meeting
  2. Part 15 - Imperial Trust Public meeting
  3. Part 14 - Imperial Trust Public meeting
James O' Brien Program on LBC radio
  1. Andy Slaughter MP talks about Imperial Trust Decision to Close our Hospitals and A&Es
  2. Andy Slaughter MP Barred From Imperial Trust Public Meeting at Hammersmith Hospital
Closure of Hospitals and A&Es - Petrie Hosken program - LBC radio
  1. Devastating Hospitals closures in West London - Andy Slaughter MP on LBC
  2. Callers talking about the A&Es
  3. People depend on A&Es...
Related to Charing Cross Hospital
  1. Steve Pound MP talks about Hospitals closures in West London on LBC radio
  2. Defending Charing Cross Hospital at LBC radio
  3. Devastating closures at West London Hospitals
Home Truths to the Imperial Trust boss Bill Shields about Charing Cross Hospital
  1. Patients want Charing Cross Hospital Open
  2. Home Truths to the Imperial Trust boss Bill Shields about Charing Cross Hospital Part 1
H&F Council meeting
  1. The Time is Up for the Conservatives - Cllr Iain Coleman
  2. Labour is opposed to the Charing Cross Hospital Closure!
  3. Cllr Stephen Cowan standing up for residents!
  1. The English Goverment is defragmenting the NHS
  2. Defragmentation of the NHS, that's the problem...
  3. The NHS performs incredibly well...
Charges in the NHS
  1. Charing Cross Hospital land to be sold!
  2. H&F residents will suffer without Hospitals and A&Es!
  3. Conservative H&F Council supports demolition of Charing Cross Hospital!
A&Es in Crises!
  1. Hammersmith and Central Middlesex A&Es are closing - Cllr Stephen Cowan, Labour Leader of H&F Council
  2. NHS In London Has Problems, Admits Nick Clegg
  3. Charing Cross Hospital will be turned into luxury flats
Are there problems with our Hospitals and A&Es?
  1. Andy Burnham MP pledges to FIGHT for our NHS
  2. A&Es - Andy Burnham MP - Part 3
  3. A&Es - Fleet Street Fox
Labour Leader Stephen Cowan pledging to FIGHT to Save Charing Cross Hospital
  1. Labour Leader Stephen Cowan pledges to Save Charing Cross Hospital
  2. Labour Leader Stephen Cowan exposes the misleading information from Conservative H&F Council
  3. The TRUTH is out there...Charing Cross Hospital has NOT been "SAVED"
Has the time come to phase out local Hospitals? The Big Questions, BBC1
  1. Dr Clive Peedell - Part 2
  2. Dr Clive Peedell - Part1
  3. Has the time come to phase out local Hospitals - Part 7
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Public Meeting
  1. Should C&W Hospital be downgraded?
  2. Is West Middlesex University be bought by C&W Hospital?
  3. Are we going to get consistent care - Part 2
Campaigning to Save Our Hospitals!
  1. SOH campaigner calls LBC radio and tells Petrie Hosken about the Hospital's closures in West London! Part 2
  2. SOH campaigner calls LBC radio and tells Petrie Hosken about the Hospital's closures in West London! Part 1
Have we been stitched up? Hammersmith Council Meeting
  1. Are Conservatives H&F Council closing Milson Road Health Clinic?
  2. Does Conservative Cllr Peter Graham support welfare reforms by IDS?
  3. Why Conservative H&F Council is Holding Secret Private Meetings? NHS - Charing Cross Hospital