Judith Briles

I'm a #book #publishing expert, #author coach and known as The Book Shepherd to many. Author of 34 books, speaker at conferences and Founder of AuthorU.org, a membership organization created for the author who wants to be seriously successful.




Judith's Publishing Tips
  1. Is Your Book Platform a One Legged Stool?
  2. Does Your Book Spine Pop Off the Shelf?
  3. Endorsements... Does Your Book Need One?
  4. Book Cover Back Copy
Inspiration and Joy ... Finding your Author and Writing Muse
  1. May the inspiration muse be with you!
  2. Inspiration doesn't come from the comfort zone.
  3. Be an awesome author!
  4. Rarely is there one book in an author
Get Published
  1. There is nothing simple about writing ...
  2. Writing and creating a book is like cooking!
  3. Writers think "hot" action verbs ...
Social Media Moxie
  1. Social Media is for You and Your Book!
  2. Keywords in social media marketing for authors
  3. Are you marketing your books by candle light or the Internet?
  4. Book marketing and social media are your friends ...
Marketing Savvy
  1. Get Inside Amazon’s “Head” with Your eBook Category
  2. Write and publish with pizzazz and panche
  3. Think Disney with your book marketing
  4. Choose to market your book ... starting now
Writing Juice for Authors and Writers
  1. There is nothing simple about writing ...
  2. Be an awesome author!
  3. Quotes for Author and Writer Juice