• primodels1
    Primodels is an Australian High Fashion Scouting agency which has more than 24 years of experience in the field.
  • GrahamJFreer
    Radio Presenter and Interviewer. Armed with my recorder, I seek out interesting people to interview. The results are then posted on Audioboo, in the hope that you'll enjoy listening to them, just as much as I enjoyed talking to the people themselves.
  • Dancinggecko
    Work: In B2C comms for nearly 20 years, specialising in copywriting, content and social media, strategy and innovation. Home: Always arrives with camera attached, loves street art, X-Fighters and the sound of laughter. Lifelong supporter of Poole Pirates.
  • threebears
    Rampant visual artist, promoting lower carbon emissions through teleportation, music dependent, gf veggie - my audioboos will be scratch'n'sniff enabled
  • Cool_Jesse
    The meanest, angriest, sweariest love you'll ever get accidentally covered in. (Plus silliness. With pretty words included in the price of admission.)
  • 23_Lies
    I filed the side of my i-Pod into an i-Knife, any trouble and i-Stab.
  • Skoots
    Books.Coffee. Cats. Chess. Charcoal sticks. Pyroclastic flow. Old buildings. Eddie Izzard. Forensic. Push bike. I sketch & paint too. Power-tools. ♣
  • Tetley6969
    Pervert, porn addict, serial killer and twitter basher. My cock in your mirror is bigger than it appears
    I'll never start an AudioBoo account. I did the PhoneBoos in my "favourites" before I figured this shit out. Please feel free to listen to them, as they cost me $156 in international calls.
  • NoAmDoltfish
    I have a great affinity for corn and it's not the eatin' kind. Crusader for the underdog and nuance aficionado.