• RayUnscripted
    Real. Just me. No additives, BS, delusions, fakery, or MSG. The uncool kid. Likes Catwoman's butt. NSFW. 18 +.
  • Amills
    Roser Amills Bibiloni Twitter @roseramills Barcelona Autora de "Las 1001 fantasías más eróticas y salvajes de la historia", Lectio Ed. marzo de 2012 periodista 'Inspiración digital' de La Vanguardia | escritora mallorquina, ha publicado en enero de 2012 e
  • tipyourhat
    I am a dude.
  • Barnfee
    Husband. Labrador owner. IT Guy. Gamer. Curler. Tourist.
  • WMB
    WMB is a media company which supports women in business and is run by entrepreneur Rosemary Delaney. It produces the magazine WMB and runs the annual WMB Conference & Awards. This first podcast series draws on the events of WMB Conference & Awards 2010.
  • GJohn_Jules
    Amateur Photographer, Arsenal Supporter, Gadget loving, extremely cool kinda guy
  • stefano3
    life brings beautiful things. like a sister you never knew you had..
  • PoleMonkey86
    Sayer of random things, party animal, beer monster, Kasabian's biggest fan, future wife of Serge Pizzorno
  • cruse_4
    My name's Chris, 26, from Plymouth. Loving the single life, MAJOR flirt - advanced apologies to the ladies of Twitter! Supporter of the MIGHTY Plymouth Argyle!
  • thewordwarrior
    A N T H O N Y S T. J O H N A Brief Biographical Sketch Anthony St. John was born 7 October 1944 in Brooklyn, New York, DisUnited States of Northamerica. He left the DUS for good on 31 December 1975.
  • whistlingduck2
    I have a very short attention sp
  • RyanCHutchings
    Poet, sexpot, actor. Creatine poster boy. Attention seeker. One time comedian. Pompey fan (fool).
  • iHux
    Drummer. Likes Rock Music and Wrestling.
  • xoxDawniexox
    Im me, single. What you see is what you get.Like me or leave . .
  • stickyd12
    I love sick jokes, dark humour, Liverpool, gambling, and the va-jay-jay! Pls call me a cunt and I will smile. Dont follow me if you dont like rape jokes! YNWA