• eric.brechemier
    I am a Freelance Software Designer, interested in all kinds of creative things.
  • sonicartresearch
    The Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) provides a forum for dialogue between the fields of Composition and Sound Art; including acousmatic, collaborative, electroacoustic, experimental, interdisciplinary and site-specific practices alongside engagement with f
  • feb17voices
    We are reaching into Libya, tweeting and relaying Libyan voices in real time. Contact : feb17voices(at)gmail.com
  • soundsofwhitecrook
    Field Recording Project in Centre 81, Whitecrook
  • TimNunn
    I bibble about. Sometimes at work (Tramway in Glasgow), sometimes at home and sometimes on a hill or a beach. Bibbling about is good.
  • kimwalker4
    Artist working with sound, video and installation. Currently based in Islay.
  • bubblebeach
    Musician, Surfer, Catholic, Husband, Blogger, Coffee Drinker, Traveller, Spanish Speaker & Whisky Drinker.
  • johnjohnston
    Interested in education & technology. I help run http://edutalk.cc If you want your boos about eduction to feature on http://edutalk.cc tag the boo edutalk
  • coneyislandsound
    I'm quite keen on the small details, the accidental rhythms, the crunch and the crackle, the lemonade fizz of the tide at the shoreline.
  • FelicityVFord
    sound recordist, artist, feminist, baker, maker, writer, knitter
  • rjnet
    I live and work in London with my guide dog Vance, and use AudioBoo to chart life's highs, lows and intermediate points. To hear about my latest travels, or to learn about training with or working a guide dog listen on.
  • Saint-Cloud
    For who, unbreakfasted, will love the lark? --Derek Mahon
  • London-Sound-Survey
    Here are some AudioBoo uploads from the London Sound Survey website. The site has nearly 2,000 recordings of London life plus historical references to past London sounds.