• mrstevenallen
    Stand-up comedian, radio presenter, voice-over, content writer and such.
  • thinkandgrowrich
    I like the link (above or below this text) to a free copy of ''Think And Grow Rich'' by Napoleon Hill, the sun, music and my family.
  • johnpc_ltd
    I'm John Cunningham. Workdays spent helping businesses do what they do, better than they do it now. Non-workdays spent up a hill somewhere: that’s the plan anyway.
  • HavensHill
    Creative Multimedia student and part time hospital radio presenter :)
  • jasoncoffee
    My Blog: http://jasoncoffee.com coffee reviewer, business man, family man and friend. I have opinions about stuff too...
  • NeilBlakemore
    Software God
  • RedDave14
    Mac fanboi, Cricket, Law grad, left-leaning, twisted(!) humour, atheistic existentialist
  • PhiladelphiaLD
    The Canal Studio at Backstage Theatre,Longford,Ireland and staged Brian Friel's Philadephia Here I Come, for three nights in October 2010, The theatre played to full houses and standing ovations each night. This Audioboo is just a flavour of what happened
  • franmcnulty
    Journalist with Ireland's National Broadcaster RTÉ. Formerly @Dublinjourno
  • jonny_henley
    Internet Marketing, Website building, Digital Photography, Sports Betting
  • ElaineEdwards
  • eirepreneur
    Founder of Daynuv.com and Outvesting.org. Startup adviser and blogger.
  • bookdreamer
    Mostly 50-word stories(various images), poems( john) but sometimes it will be other things(book image) - OK! (All poems, stories and notes are my copyright based on a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike Licence
  • seannicholls
    programmer, inventor, dreamer.
  • OrlaLinehan
    Partner in Parfrey Murphy Chart Accts. I live in Cobh with one husband, one toddler & (occasionally) one teenager.