• FiremanRich
    Husband, Father, Family Man, Likes Dogs & Cats, Fireman [RET], ARFF Firefighter [RET], One of the Good Guys
  • Spinnergirl
    I enjoy cooking, socialising and looking after my 3 parrots. I'm totally blind and love spending time with my fabulous partner @Dreamcatchersje
  • ReligionMatters
    Religion Matters is a weekly religion, reflection and social issues programme presented by Brenda Drumm on Kildare's KFM radio station. The show airs on a Sunday between 8 and 9am on 97.3 & 97.6FM and live on www.kfmradio.com
  • IrishCatholicBishops
    The Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference is the assembly of the Bishops of Ireland. See catholicbishops.ie for daily Mass Readings, features on the pastoral life of the Church, diocesan map, more audio and video recordings and media releases.
  • CatholicCommentAudio
    Catholic Comment offers a team of mainly lay speakers to comment in a positive respectful way in the media on stories relating to the mission or message of the Catholic Church.
  • elensule
    I'm a married and happy geek from Ukraine; pagan. My interests are family, foreign languages, books, music, magic. There will be booms in every language I speak or learn, so please bear with me. If a boom is not in English, I'll tell you.
  • 4bcdrive
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  • lady_of_the_lake
    I am a musician, writer, dreamer and thinker. I seek to find the beauty in this mad world wherever I can, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with others.
  • hanslast
    A laid back and quiet person. I enjoy surfing the web, taking pictures and home video, as well as taking long walks. I'm also into listening to music mostly 70s and 80s pop, some classic rock, older country from the 70s, through the 90s.
  • Lane7625
    Recently retired and honing my tech, podcasting and audio editing and production skills. Hoping to share what I can to enhance the position of blind and visually impaired individuals around the world.
  • meme6006
    I am a college graduate student and I love to sing!! music plays a large role in my life, when words fail, music speaks. I am also sight impaird
  • Eidoel
    Hi, i'm a writer of novels, short stories, drama and poetry. I also enjoy training, rowing, martial arts, music and books. I collect swords and have a passion for anthropology, archaeology and very ancient history.
  • byron27
    I'm a geek at heart, living in Chicago, native of Phoenix, lover of all things funny, talk-radio junkie / podcast junkie, Sci-Fi Fanatic, Ham Radio Tech KC9EEK
  • Jazminr07
    Christian, visually impaired, love writing poetry. Enjoy Classical music.
  • sabrinaMcKiernan
    Sabrina singer,GuideDogUser,Friend.
  • Purplecakes3
    Welcome to my wonderful, weird world!! Curiousity is the curse of the human mind!
  • sisibs
    I live with my son and our 2 doggies. I love books, musics, traveling, languages, and my life in general, even my adiction to chocolate