• stephenfry
    I’m a tall fellow.
  • Sair
    54, mother, Beatles-fan
  • BBCR4Today
    Radio 4's morning current affairs programme, broadcast weekdays 6-9, Saturdays 7-9. The comments and views posted by fans do not represent the views of the BBC.
  • Documentally
    Ex cow herder, engineer of human souls. Storymaker. More audio here.. bli.ms/u/documentally/audio/rss
  • SocialMediaDesign
    Social Media Consulting and Web Design met and made Social Media Design! I love audio and visual communication of all kinds, and bringing it all together for an integrated approach.
  • andyphillips101
    Andy Phillips has 30 years of marketing experience and has brought his extensive knowledge to the training arena to help business owners to really understand how they can use the Internet and Social Media to their competitive advantage. Andy has a real