• rjnet
    I live and work in London with my guide dog Vance, and use AudioBoo to chart life's highs, lows and intermediate points. To hear about my latest travels, or to learn about training with or working a guide dog listen on.
  • emmabrynjones
    Zero-credit Founder. Vision: making informed choices together Mission: experiences of debt to inform the credit market Approach: co-operative - is there any other way?
  • markomahony
    Coffee drinker, statistics student, sports fan, audio lurker.
  • LouisTrapani
    New media producer, host and producer of Doctor Who: Podshock, Sonic Newsdriver, and other shows produced by Art Trap Productions, founder of the Gallifreyan Embassy, artist and photographer, tech and sci-fi geek.
  • mikeysworldview
    Come and listen to my life. I live in London so I talk a lot about that. Also tech, science and other nerdy ponderings. And general life rants. I love to get comments and feeback so please dont be shy, comment and subscribe. Please check out my blog i
  • jrsocialmedia
    Social Media mentalist supporting UK businesses in their Social Media endeavours. Lover of fine wine and my comfy chair. Living the dream in Somerset.
  • Black73Cat
    Hill walker, gamer, sort of photographer, opinionated grumpy bloke!
  • audioBoom
    The audioBoom team here. Bringing you the latest from the office and everywhere else. Follow us for updates, offers, competitions and our own special version of community outreach. Get in touch either here, @audioBoomApp or FB. We love to listen.
  • RachaelPhillips
    Writer, journalist, blogger, creative type, incessant chatterbox, mac user, travel enthusiast, glossy mag addict, tea drinker, jaffa cake connoisseur etc
  • Dadyougeek
    A Dad, a gadget geek, love my kids, social media and of course Spurs...oh and can often be found travelling to meetings in the east of england
  • katesparkle
    Sense and nonsense in sounds. @katesparkle on twitter and IG
  • soulcruzer
    Blogger, #SocialTechHippie and adventurer in pursuit of being a happy human. SocialTech, #SocialRadio and stories.
  • Melia
    I work for a newspaper in one of the landlocked states. I adore AudioBoo, Starbucks mochas, the Internets, and writing. Not necessarily in that order :)
  • TimmySimms
    Just the blood and guts of me