• davidjewood
    A smashing bloke prone to being sent to Twitter Jail, #Hashtaggery and Social Geekeness. Serial tweeter, suave & bawdy. Klout score: 69
  • seanpearson768
    Truck driver, nocturnal. Protector of animals and defender of small furry children...or something like that.
  • thecouchclub
    The Couch Club is a radio show to be enjoyed either live on Glasgow’s Subcity Radio 9-11 am Saturday mornings, or as a podcast made available shortly after each broadcast. If easy listening with good chat and music is your thing, then we are here on dema
  • bridobaggins
    Writer, idler and dog-walker...
  • Squidge_Stinker
    Darkwright of Buffoon Town's Legendary Duck Shaped Daft Excluder Sidekick on The Best Time of the Day Show! Alex Lester 2-5am Weekdays BBC Radio 2 88-91 FM!
  • ted_birmingham
  • paulsysum
    Broadcast Media, Event Host and Press Reviewer. I'm a news junkie and all round bringer of chaos. Life's short, we only get one. So, enjoy it.
  • yorkshire_chris
    blacksmith, os x power user & techie geek.
  • AgentKillington
    Slightly awkward chap of a tall persuasion. Militant atheist, keeps fish, plays cricket badly, follows Seattle Mariners in vain hope and grows cucumbers.
  • TweetsBySteveP
    Management Consultant and Coach to junior and middle managers + management trainers
  • Steve_Babb
    HR Professional with “Racing In His Blood”! Radio Enthusiast & Bewildered TOG! Writes Rubbish for the Radio! :-)