• nickjonestbn
    Professional trombonist, radio producer and broadcaster. Father of two and lover of fine ale and Indian cuisine.
  • kingdom216
    Musician, songwriter, voice talent, painter, poet, well I like to dip my hands in the arts you know
  • redmamba
    The views expressed are mine, and should not be taken in any way as representing my employer, past, present or future. Interested in minimalism & film making.
  • RadioAirtimeMedia
    Radio Airtime Media are on the pulse of Radio industry developments. We specialise in planning and buying targeted airtime to reach your listening audience. Advertise on UK Radio Stations with Radio Airtime Media. Call 0845 304 5454
  • jimallthetime
    Broadcaster, writer, photographer of people with passion and personality. Event host, musician, creative brain for hire. Positive, progressive, inclusive, celebratory ... naughty, sometimes. Glass half full, always. Thoughts only ever my own.
  • fidunn
    I've always loved recording and audio; all sorts of things from music to relatively everyday, but beautiful, sounds like birdsong. I'm a musician and I have a random sense of humour so you may find some musical, or silly clips as well . :)
  • Barwickgreen
    This is my personal account, the views & boos are not those of my employer
  • mrdanielweir
    I get by I've got a lot on my mind, I get by got allotments on my mind
  • audioBoom
    The audioBoom team here. Bringing you the latest from the office and everywhere else. Follow us for updates, offers, competitions and our own special version of community outreach. Get in touch either here, @audioBoomApp or FB. We love to listen.
  • alexjhudson
    Journalist, writer. I make @aTalkingShop, set up @bbcquestiontime, was @BBCNews. Story? alexhudson@outlook.com
  • djones655321
    I make digital things for Radio 4, but [prepares official voice] the views expressed here are my own and don't reflect the BBC.
  • chagota
    Strategic analyst, researcher and curator. Boos occasionnally in French and English.
  • steve
    * * * * * %f * * * * * *
  • manghani
    Planning to make a 'live reading' of Barthes 'Mourning Diary'...
  • frankndaisy
    This page currently has items originally recorded for the Southwark Talking Newspaper magazine up to 2003
  • markrock
    Original architect, dreamer & pilot of Audioboo, now creating Adio.fm. Dad of 4, wants a vegetable garden. Organic, of course...
  • Alantshearer
    Pro Photographer, podcaster, 80's radio show presenter, bald bloke, husband, dad, and many other things....