• Dadyougeek
    A Dad, a gadget geek, love my kids, social media and of course Spurs...oh and can often be found travelling to meetings in the east of england
  • SudanTribune_EN
    Sudan & South Sudan news, comment, analysis & reports. Sudan Tribune is a non-profit website promoting plural news and views about Sudan, South Sudan and the rest of East Africa.
  • alanwilliams123
    composer, musician, academic
  • barnabylane
    Professional Recruitment Consultant and Labour Party Activist.
  • huwthomas
    BBC Wales Arts and Media Correspondent
  • Jedasaurus_Fi
    Stereophonics obsessive. Jedward obsessive. Beatles obsessive. Vamos Rafa. Labour supporter. Procrastinator. And I'm quite fond of owls. We all shine on. Like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.
  • lab10
    News and interviews from Labour Party conference in Manchester, September 2010.
  • thomas_switzer
    Sometimes ...
  • OxfordEconomics
    The custom research team at Oxford Economics - the leading economic forecasting and evidence based consulting firm. The team here leads global quantitative and qualitative research and thought leadership programs. Boos mostly by Jeff Peel.
  • rosstcorbett
    I am a full time British travel blogger.
  • kevinbrennan
    Member of Parliament for Cardiff West.
  • SJ_Consigliere
    Labour Special Adviser, (Media & Communications) Welsh Assembly Government
  • jonny_henley
    Internet Marketing, Website building, Digital Photography, Sports Betting
  • Sandbox
    Female fronted Salford based band. Busy recording our debut album for Ugly Man Records. Due out sometime before 2015 (hopefully)!
  • Fintan
    Broadcast Journalist. On Twitter @FintanD