• ganymeder123
    is currently trying to publish her first novel. She writes short fiction, poetry, and learns more about the craft every day. You can also follow her on Twitter (ganymeder) or FaceBook (Cathy Russell/ganymeder).
  • EmApocalyptic
    Writer, anxiety wrangler, tea drinker. Dressmaker and gamer. Author of the Split Worlds urban fantasy novels and dark short stories. Will not eat mushrooms.
  • fotobygreg
    I am an event photographer and video journalist from the UK living and working in Aarhus, Denmark.
  • asliceofwiz
    Writing. Reading. Living.
  • jen_b
    I'm a librarian who writes fiction.
  • TinaHunter
    Writer of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (among other things). Tina broke into the short story market in 2009 and continues to publish in collaborative ventures & anthologies. She's currently polishing up 3 novels in various stages of completion.
  • panderson1979
    English Teacher
  • ChrisChartrand
    I'm an emerging fiction writer by night, and nonprofit sector employee by day. Former photographer & video producer. Current apathetic wannabee. I'm currently demolishing a house to build a home.
  • benjaminsolah
    Marxist, horror writer, blogger, performance poet and editor of The Red Pen
  • JodiCleghorn
    Writer, Editor and Publisher. Co-owner of eMergent Publishing and joint editor at Chinese Whisperings. Mother, partner and sometimes gastronaut.
  • pjkaiser
    Stay-at-home mom with 2 great kids. Writer of flash fiction and serial fiction. On Twitter @pj_kaiser
  • icypop
    Northern Writer, fond of 80s rock, comics and the films of Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Dracotorre
    Software engineer and storyteller. Writing code, writing fiction, always writing even when riding a bike.