• Montagfire
    Comedy waiter - Radio DJ on www.phonic.fm - Musician -Ghosthunter- Producer - Actor - Dad - and loads of other stuff. These Boos are snippets of interviews of famous and not famous people, music I have written and friends doing great stuff too. Enjoy!
  • BookMadam
    Personal account for Julie Wilson, The Madam at Book Madam & Associates. Also founder: @SeenReading Co-founder: @AdventBooks Alter: @BeccaWilcott
  • sassylee
    ...just a girl in love with the Internet.
  • peggyrichardson
    Obsessed with books, eBooks, podcasting & wordpress, and of course, chocolate.
  • KimPlumley
    Mom, publicist and lover of books!
  • AngelaCrocker
    Author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Social Network. Social media trainer. Speaker. Owner of Beachcomber Communications. Mum. Loves books & theatre.