• Rrrosamunde
    Britophile, into everything whimsical & romantic. Love to read lots & no one overthinks things as beautifully as me. Being creative is my yoga.
  • lovenuonce
    Hi I am a mother of one son two cats and three fish. I am a student of life. I like to pretend I can sing. I tweet a little (okay a lot) I boo whatever whimsy comes to me. Welcome to my cyber!
  • Missbeee73
    quite a nice chick who talks too much, smokes too much, drinks too much but doesnt get too much of the other
  • Herladyship
    Posh bird with grand designs on life
  • twistabout
    My life right now >> cluttered and a little chaotic!! But it's okay! I'll survive! Moving date and location TBD!!! sMiLe !!
  • bathcat
    Native of the Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire. Saucy and a bit sweary. I work in a library...don't let that put you off
  • ChocolateChick6
    Chocolate & Champagne loving lady usually attached to headphones. Loves a happy ending :-)
  • CatieLooLoo
    Champion Giggler.
  • JustCallMeFrank2010
    Mistresses of nonsense. Queens of stabbing. There is where we Boo to you:-p
  • JoolsAshton
    I am the best fruit at the top of the tree..
  • MrsAitchB
    I bake edible works of art from our beautiful cottage in The Quantocks in Somerset. I love chatting and meeting new people. I am opening our cottage for Afternoon Tea
  • FlissTeeB
    Always feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe ! Far too loquacious for my own good, said my 1st word at 9 months, and haven't shut up yet.....
  • SlimySnail
    Life isn't about hiding from the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain! Insomniac! Sleep is something I dream about! Hello! x
  • fudgecrumpet
    I tweet more than you do.