• bamboo
    "Practice makes perfect". I'd like to learn languages. I'd like to practice to listen and speak everyday. ♬Betterfly Waltz
  • lynn_n
  • 鲁小渔
    I'm a Chinese girl and also a college student in Beijing.I'm now learning English and Korean
  • guillaumesenglishpod
    No new episode will be published here. All the new episode are available on http://talk2learn.ch/guillaumes-english-podcast Please use my new RSS Feed to subscribe to my podcast http://feeds.feedburner.com/GuillaumesEnglishPodcast
  • Luv-Chinese
    A place to practice Chinese and share snippets of our Qtalk room 3110393 lessons. If you are are studying chinese why not join us - - QQ Group: 134191792
  • vera007
    I like English. I like reading. I like reading English. Thank you for helping me with my English.
  • heathermarie
    Although I have the voice of a ten year old boy, i can assure you I am, in fact, a girl..
  • ShingGeulBongGeul
    안녕하세요 여러분 만나서반가워요, 나는 하나라고 불러 주세용. 23 살이고 한국어를 배우고 있는 캐나다 여자예요. 한국어를 배운지 벌써 3 년이 도었지만, 혼자서 배웠기 때문에 아직도 중급인데.. 여기 그냥 어떤 한국어로 쓴 것을 발음 연습위해서 읽고 싶어용
  • DIYLanguage
    My name is Layinka. There are many things I have always wanted to do, learning Chinese and Japanese are my personal projects. Come learn Chinese with me! xx
  • goukou_xilang
  • kshibamo
    ここでは中国語の文構造をとらえながら読む練習をしています。手始めに陳淑梅さんの『小点心 あっさり味の日中文化論』という本を読んでいこうと思います。お聴きになって気がついた点がありましたら、ご指摘いただけるとうれしいです。