• nicktheguitar
    I mix radio for Asia and take photos for me. Nothing I say is what work thinks.
  • sm2n
    Husband and father Booing since June 5th, 2009 at 10:47AM About me: http://boo.fm/b459017
  • alanrobichaud
    My Name Is Alan Robichaud. I am a Firm Believer that the internet is a prime resource in today's society for getting your voice out there, and i intend on using this tool to spread the word of environmentalism, in hope of being a power of influence. Im tr
  • KyeLani
    Web Ninja | Photo Fiddler | Shark Wrestler
  • insomniacnat
    there isnt anything special about me, i get nervous and mix up my words sometimes but other than that i'm just a normal girl. i hope to use this as my dream journal, and friend i guess?
  • MrWordsWorth
    Creative, prolific Marketing & Communications writer/editor. Loves R&B, zen, chocolate, freezies, poems & m'lady. I tweet a lot & PG-13 content. You're welcome.
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  • billmcfa
    Busy father and photographer
  • jpporterfield
    What would Gene Kranz do?
  • happymichael
    My name is Michael Yat Kit Chung – or more commonly known as "Happy" in school. I am 18 and have just finished my A-Levels. I am from Hong Kong.
  • RyanCHutchings
    Poet, sexpot, actor. Creatine poster boy. Attention seeker. One time comedian. Pompey fan (fool).
  • Gottshaw
    ask me, I will tell you.
  • scottfortney
    Known to most as "Scooter," Scott is a Voice Actor in videogames, audiobooks, commercials, animations and much more. Learn more about Scooter at www.TakeMyVoice.com. Here on AudioBoo, you can catch his daily episode of "Where Were You?"
  • tudortalk
    I host 2 weekly podcasts - one is "Tudor Talk." http://tudortalkpodcast.blogspot.com The other is "Inside the Podcasting Studio." http://insidepodcast.blogspot.com
  • Brainchild16
    Sometimes I sleep and sometimes I exist as a person in the world.
  • Blade376
    I am whatever you'd want me to be. Not profound? Well... then that's because you don't wish for me to be profound =] I am 24 from London, England - And here you can find my daily bite-sized podcast show... Podcast 376!