• Tominthailand
    I'm an American 30-something year old expat guy originally from the southern part of America, but i've been living in Bangkok for just over a decade now and took up being a podcaster/blogger extraordinaire a few years back.
  • veritable_virgo
    True. Honest. Real. Genuine. Caring. Helpful. Hey, I'm a Virgo; what else did you expect?
  • mannym716
    Straight-for-pay gay geek with a penchant for soap operas, comics, twitter, b-movies, tv on dvd, and porn.
  • eyeb4e
    I'm a mid twenty's graphic designer and print technician.
  • diamondmanaphy
    Super friendly Toby :)
  • Savvy
    I Produce Stuff.... And boo about it
  • thecupidconcept
    Inspiring people to share what they love
  • SpankingBArthur
    A Homosexual Gay Podcaster of Gay Stuff