• ForeverJakeC
    I'm a video blogger on Youtube. Thinking of doing some podcast show soon.
  • BBCwhys
    World Have Your Say is the BBC's global conversation - on air Monday to Friday at 1100 & 1700/1800GMT on BBC radio & on Friday at 1500GMT on BBC World TV
  • edent
    You know my name, look up my number.
  • scio12
    ScienceOnline2012 is the sixth annual international meeting on Science and the Web. On January 19-21, 2012 the Research Triangle area of North Carolina will once again host scientists, students, educators, physicians, journalists, librarians, bloggers, pr
  • saminilla
    I'm just a plain guy, who plays piano, a runner, and just enjoying life.
  • maycontaingeeks
    All things with Geeks as their primary ingredient; films, books, comics, games, gadgets and t-shirts.
  • nprweekend
    NPR's Weekend Edition with hosts Scott Simon and Rachel Martin. We'll be using AudioBoo to upload the best bits, snippets and moments from our shows.
  • marcsettle
    I work at the College of Journalism, specialising in mobile phones and social media
  • LucyNews
    Editor of Newshour, World Update and the World Today Weekend on the BBC World Service. This a personal account, not the BBC's. @LucyNews @BBCNewshour
  • BBCNewshour
    Newshour is the twice-daily flagship news and current affairs programme from the BBC World Service. You can listen on digital radio in the UK and worldwide via the BBC World Service and hundreds of partner stations. @BBCNewshour
  • RSPB
    Nature is amazing. But around the UK and across the world it’s in steady, desperate decline. The RSPB is determined to stop this happening. But we need your help. You’ll be part of something big. Nature’s in trouble. Let’s step up and save it – together.
  • greenpeaceuk
    Climate, forests and oceans news, GP campaign tidbits, and live coverage of our actions.
  • metroradiouk
    For more boos from us following the website link to our Audioboo Channel:
  • lizzydavies
    I'm a reporter at the Guardian.
  • SawyerGB
    an upcoming radio presenter, hence why I thought AudioBoo might be a nice touch, to keep you informed via a platform I'm more accustomed to. Enjoy the drivel that pours.
  • leolaporte
    Podcaster, broadcaster, tech pundit. Founder of the TWiT Netcast Network at http://twit.tv, and The Tech Guy on the Premiere Radio Networks nationwide.