I love London, I love living my life to the full and I record what I can. I'm a Journalist and I'm fascinated by stories from the normal small person. So interesting sweating the small stuff. Have courage in what you do and you are sure to succeed. h




  1. Soundscape of Rememberance Day In Lewisham. 100 Year Anniversary of Armistice Day
  2. Surrey Docks City Farm on the Thames cycle path. A sound scape.
  3. Montage of sounds from the Demonstrations on Saturday. Fascists V Anti-Fascists Oh and the Badgers marched.
  4. #soundscape from the Southbank. London.


  1. David Schneider from Alan Partridge fame asks is the Internet making us more stupid and he talks about his new BBC radio programme coming out this autumn.
  2. British Actress Cathy Tyson Tells me about her career and what she hopes for her next goal as an Author
  3. Benjamin Zephaniah speaks to me at The Deptford Lounge last night.
  4. Delores speaks to Nicholas Briggs - The Voice of the Daleks -- #GetReading

Talk To Me London

  1. Neville has lived here for fifty years and Alan is from Australia but wants to move to New Cross.
  2. Talk To Me London!!! We are at the Bus Stop on New Cross Road SE14. Come and start a conversation with a complete stranger. You may have fun.
  3. Talking to London. Leron and Lee and Martin
  4. This young man was stabbed by a gang of twenty. He's lucky to be alive.


  1. Dr Tom Pey, chief executive of the Royal London Society for The Blind
  2. Paul kalkhoven, Head of Technical Development , Foster & Partners talks to me about accessibility in buildings.
  3. Eyewitness: "I thought it was a bomb." Wandsworth Road helicopter crash
  4. An eye witness tells me what he saw , very traumatic

In the dark answers to questions

  1. I saw a girl in a bikini, with fresh lemons
  2. Lullaby Factory - Studio Weave
  3. A Car Roof Tent Makes Camping Luxurious and Fun

#DV8 event night.

  1. Interviewing Captain K
  2. Interviewing Jay1Zero
  3. Interviewing one of the Performers of #IAMDV8, Milky and Thriller will be performing later on.
  4. Interviewing one of the organisers of #IAMDV8

finding boos

  1. Group9.2part1
  2. Group7.2part2

Woolwich Terrorist Attack

  1. Professor Naomi Davidson on "French Islam"
  2. Moving statement from the family of Lee Rigby - The World at One
  3. Baroness Warsi on Woolwich killing
  4. Woolwich murder: Greenwich resident describes police raid - Guardian cannot confirm this is connected to the murder

World Voice Day

  1. What Relationship do you have with Sound, Humming and the Human Voice - from World Voice Day event
  2. World Voice Day

Martin Luther King Anniversary

  1. Martin Luther King Poem
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr Message: Martin's Greatest Gift
  3. What made Martin Luther King the greatest American leader? Do we have leaders today that rise to the levels of Martin Luther King?
  4. Martin Luther King in Newcastle

Great Music on Audioboo for Easter

  1. Royalty Free Children's Music - Gliding On Air
  2. Hannah Werdmuller - Home To Me (Tom Paxton)
  3. * محلی لُری بختیاری Folk Music *
  4. Korogly - Kazakh Folk Music

reactions to The People's Songs

  1. Roger – the life of a submariner in the '80s
  2. Helen – Protesting at Greenham Common peace camp
  3. Ebeneezer Goode For a Laugh
  4. Linda on God Save The Queen...

International Woman's Day 2013

  1. Listen: Anjali Rudraraju on domestic violence in India
  2. Listen: Roshika Deo on violence against women in the Pacific
  3. Violence Against Women and Girls in the DRC
  4. I speak to Kay 90 years old about the changes in woman's rights

classic songs from Cenkozgener


Oral History project from Lewisham and Goldsmiths University 2011.

  1. Goldsmiths oral history project file , talking about the blackout and meeting her husband on the Downham Estate
  2. Goldsmiths oral history project file 3,m Bromley, London
  3. Goldsmiths oral history project file 4, Borough, and Little Dorrit. Living in London
  4. Goldsmiths oral history project file 5

Stories and news from Afghanistan and Kabul

  1. My radio package for BBC World Service on soccer.
  2. Taliban propaganda - Taliban song castigating Pakistan
  3. Taliban propaganda - Taliban song dedicated to US dollar
  4. Afghan singer dedicates a song for REAL MADRID

W.H Auden

  1. Musee des Beaux Arts by W. H. Auden
  2. The Lesson - W H Auden
  3. WH Auden Boo
  4. As I Walked Out One Evening - W.H. Auden

World Radio Day

  1. Lunar Eavesdropping
  2. 1966 World Cup winner Gordon Banks speaks to Sky News Radio about Bobby Moore cancer revelation
  3. Community radio cuts disaster risk in coastal Bangladesh - in Bengali
  4. Maputaland Community radio

Mind, Body and Spirit

  1. Metaphysics, Mindfulness & Miracles

Empowering Women

  1. Poverty and injustice in Gaza: empowering women