• borrowingugh
    Total pop culture fanatic. Passionate travel ninja. Twitter lover. Extreme music evangelist. Social media maven. Lifelong internet fan.
  • anguishedalpine
    Explorer. Troublemaker. Wannabe beer aficionado. Avid twitter trailblazer. Reader. Bacon nerd.
  • dazoa78
  • MelPeskoe
    Endlessly curious, forever learner, love to laugh, opinionated, chatterbox, friendly, bubbly, easygoing, generally optimistic & happy.
  • gonzomewling
    Lifelong bacon advocate. Alcohol lover. Devoted pop culture practitioner. Internet fan. Award-winning tv expert. Hipster-friendly social mediaholic. Analyst.
  • wantfoamy
    Web nerd. Amateur beer fan. Wannabe twitteraholic. Avid internet guru.
  • wretchdivorce
    Spent 2001-2006 merchandising terrorism in Africa. Enthusiastic about getting to know fatback in Libya. Prior to my current job I was training jungle gyms in Hanford, CA..
  • stingygratis
    Total webaholic. Extreme travel geek. Professional beer fan. Wannabe alcohol practitioner. Writer.
  • surprisehamper
    Certified bacon specialist. Tv scholar. Food practitioner. Proud twitter fan. Subtly charming problem solver.
  • Kostandin
    Spent 2001-2005 getting my feet wet with etch-a-sketches in Salisbury, MD. Set new standards for writing about plush toys in the government sector.
  • tutorlower
    Extreme communicator. Total twitter advocate. Proud web expert. Music practitioner. Passionate alcohol ninja.
  • labelchic
    Evil travel ninja. Amateur beer geek. Wannabe creator. Total zombie lover.
  • squashpotable
    Award-winning organizer. Bacon lover. Total travel geek. Writer. Typical food buff. Entrepreneur.
  • bbclondonsport
    The Home of London Sport, updated by members of the team. On BBC London 94.9, on TV, online
  • TorturdCyclone
    writer and poet, bitter-sweet soul. My words are my own and I RT and quote with credit to their source. 18+
  • Candoey
    Independent Paranormal Researcher/Investigator
  • com2recycling
    COM2 Recycling Solutions offer its services in Toronto as well as in many places of the United States.