• JustinRFrench
    Result driven On-Line Marketing, Social Media & Biz Consultant. Speaker, Instructor of Internet Marketing & Social Media at MCC. Big Heart & 13+yrs of results
  • Teaandtoast
    rewiring communication & brand
  • johnpc_ltd
    I'm John Cunningham. Workdays spent helping businesses do what they do, better than they do it now. Non-workdays spent up a hill somewhere: that’s the plan anyway.
  • WMB
    WMB is a media company which supports women in business and is run by entrepreneur Rosemary Delaney. It produces the magazine WMB and runs the annual WMB Conference & Awards. This first podcast series draws on the events of WMB Conference & Awards 2010.
  • designcredo
    Design Credo, a design focussed communications agency working from Topsham, Exeter throughout the UK and beyond in 3 main areas: Websites, Graphics, Photography
  • Dadyougeek
    A Dad, a gadget geek, love my kids, social media and of course Spurs...oh and can often be found travelling to meetings in the east of england
  • thoroughlygood
    Writer, blogger and producer Jon Jacob likes classical music, some shiny floor shows and all sorts of other fluff too. He's charming and modest too.
  • abisignorelli
    Social communication consultant. Big time foodie. Sport nut & love F1 & Man Utd. Regional Twestival coordinator. Run Abi Signorelli Ltd and hello! Brighton & Hove
  • SuziDafnis
    Community Director of the Australian Businesswomen's Network, a national mentoring and training organisation for businesswomen.
  • chris_hall1
    marketing professional (on & offline). partner at RGM digital - overseas property main area. love wine + football. #themeet140 creator... ask me more! keen to start being a 'boo..er'
  • rorycellan
    I'm the technology correspondent at the BBC - and a man who likes to fiddle uncomprehendingly with new bits of tech, and then hurl them against the wall when they don't work
  • alasdairferguson
    Business Development and Internet Marketing Specialist, Broadcaster.
  • anthonymadigan
    I help businesses and organisations sound like they're run by human beings. Someone's got to do it. In my own time I try very hard to be human too.
  • ginandting
    I am Kate. I like food and words. But not 'nom'.
  • graemefraser
    B2B Marketer. Love joining up traditional with digital. Not so keen on stock imagery. Currently saving up for a Leica.
  • ThomasPorts
    Corporate Communications Director for Next Generation Online News; an Educational Marketing News Feed 2 our B2B verticals