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  • BBCR4Today
    Radio 4's morning current affairs programme, broadcast weekdays 6-9, Saturdays 7-9. The comments and views posted by fans do not represent the views of the BBC.
  • skynewsradio
    Sky News Radio is the biggest news supplier to UK commercial radio and provides the Independent Radio News (IRN) service. Contact us at radio@bskyb.com
  • dmiliband
    Labour MP for South Shields
  • rorycellan
    I'm the technology correspondent at the BBC - and a man who likes to fiddle uncomprehendingly with new bits of tech, and then hurl them against the wall when they don't work
  • ChrisMasonBBC
    Political Correspondent, BBC News
  • LeightonAndrews
    Welsh Assembly Member for the Rhondda and Minister for Children, Education & Lifelong Learning
  • feb17voices
    We are reaching into Libya, tweeting and relaying Libyan voices in real time. Contact : feb17voices(at)gmail.com