Nick Sutton

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Death of Baroness Thatcher
  1. Francis Maude on plans for Lady Thatcher's funeral
  2. Giles Fraser on why he thinks it's problematic for Lady Thatcher's funeral to be at St Paul's
  3. LibDem MP Tessa Munt on why she thinks it's wrong to recall Parliament today
  4. Alan Milburn on how Lady Thatcher helped spawn New Labour - The World at One, BBC Radio 4
World at One highlights this week
  1. Holes in the ceiling, rats and dangling wires - Martha Kearney reports from Copland Community School
  2. Housing Minister, Mark Prisk, on government's housing plans outlined in Budget.
  3. "When you draft legislation at two in the morning, you're going to get shambolic results" - The World at One
  4. "We have not decided at the Financial Times whether we are going to join up with the new regulator" - The World at One
10 Years After Iraq War
  1. "Freedom don't come free"
  2. "What we're doing is right...but at the same time violence creates violence"
  3. "Two on, two off with a temperature of 50 degrees"
  4. "All the psychotherapists in all the world would not be enough for Iraq"