• podnosh
    Chief Exec of Podnosh Ltd - founder of social media surgery movement.
  • rorycellan
    I'm the technology correspondent at the BBC - and a man who likes to fiddle uncomprehendingly with new bits of tech, and then hurl them against the wall when they don't work
  • joshhalliday
    Reporter, Media & Technology, the Guardian.
  • suellewellyn
    Former BBC news bod turned social media consultant and trainer.
  • maryhamilton
    I'm a journalist, gamer, coffee-drinker, ale-lover, zombie hustler, writer and technophile.
  • rachel_simmo
    21 year old Media and Communication (Journalism) student. Sports addict and first time plant grower!
  • djbentley
    Student journalist. Fan of Burnley FC, the Cleveland Browns and Cavs. I run a resource site for journalism students.
  • hannahrw
    Currently the community coordinator at the Guardian. Journalist, critic and web fiend.
  • Documentally
    Ex cow herder, engineer of human souls. Storymaker. More audio here.. bli.ms/u/documentally/audio/rss
  • egrommet
    Lecturer, trainer, Web 2.0 fan - working with journalists to boost their web savvy and fascinated by elearning, technologies, data and open society.
  • jamescridland
    I am a radio futurologist, and look at how new technology is changing the face of radio. Audioboo's probably part of that.