• Thisdayinmusic
    Music history, facts and trivia 366 days of the year. This Day in Music is a web site, book and a series of iPhone and iPad apps. More music trivia than you can shake a stick at.
  • athenamediaie
    Athena Media is run by Helen Shaw. We love radio, TV, podcasts and documentaries. We live in The Digital Hub, Thomas St, Dublin and like days that are never the same. (Our goddess photo is from the south of France!)
  • LukeandEd
    Luke and Ed are two mainstream presenters on Cardiff's national award-winning www.xpressradio.co.uk Catch the show every Wednesday 4-6pm as Luke and Ed embrace the Cardiff public. www.twitter.com/lukeanded
  • wizzardsblog
    I'm in my 30s, living in Stafford, I enjoy social media, networking, walking, reading and writing. I also enjoy meeting new people.
  • kenwedin
    Editor; technical writer; instructor; Japanese translator; early adopter of Apple products; documentary enthusiast; father of 3 daughters; lived in Japan 1986–2002; studied Japanese and Mandarin in university
  • iians
    A tech geek....
  • lhuga
    Techie, redhead, mmm