• AnIrishCatholic
    Old enough to be interested in religion and politics; pro-life from womb 2 tomb. Against death penalty.
  • CatholicDads
    FAITH FORMATION IS JOB #1 -Catholic Dads Headquarters - Provides interactive content and commentary to enrich the lives of Catholic dads, their families and communities everywhere.
  • jcavins
    I'm married and have three daughters. My passion is scripture, simplicity and using technology to change the world for Christ.
  • TheIrishTimes
    Podcasts and audio from The Irish Times. Come to www.irishtimes.com for more news, analysis and content.
  • athenamediaie
    Athena Media is run by Helen Shaw. We love radio, TV, podcasts and documentaries. We live in The Digital Hub, Thomas St, Dublin and like days that are never the same. (Our goddess photo is from the south of France!) Copyright © Athena Media Ltd.
  • BrendaDrumm
    wife of one, mum of two, writer, reader, radio presenter, tweeter, cancer survivor, comms officer, catholic and creator of twitterxmassingle
  • IrishCatholicBishops
    The Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference is the assembly of the Bishops of Ireland. See catholicbishops.ie for daily Mass Readings, features on the pastoral life of the Church, diocesan map, more audio and video recordings and media releases.