• morningsong
    I am a peaceful person who enjoys singing, and listening to new age music. I'm totally blind, and enjoy using the computer quite a bit. I'm constantly on twitter and I love all things audio. I enjoy making friends and having a great time meeting new peopl
  • Fidelco4Ever
    Assistive technology specialist. Have 2 degrees: Secondary Ed Spanish and Modern Languages Spanish/German
  • dazoa78
  • meme6006
    I am a college graduate student and I love to sing!! music plays a large role in my life, when words fail, music speaks. I am also sight impaird
  • mt69
    aaapu26 2625 years old and friendly guy
  • dreamy_lyrics
    I'm a singer-songwriter, Internet radio broadcaster, seeker of thruth, friendly, easy-going being in general. I happen to believe that a smile can save the world.
  • denverjudoqueen
    Home of the weird moment. I am just plain weird, so enjoy.
  • DavidPoehlman1
    I like to help people reach their maximum potential through accessible technology. I love kittens.
  • Lgmusic28
    hi am a singer i am doing my grades in musical theater love dogs meeting new people love going on line social networking shopping meeting up with friends music styles i like are musical theater r and b pop classical little bit of rock
  • fastfinge
    Business owner, lover of science fiction and fantasy, blind
  • Danielle_D
    Do what you want to
  • ChaoticCast
    From tech reviews and commentary, to antic dotes about my goings on, I attempt to show respect for my listener’s time by being concise, and what passes for amusing in my view. I also co-host an internet radio show. Check it out at the link in my profile p
  • chad.blanco
    I'm a person of many likes and interests, have a listen if you want to know more.
  • elensule
    I'm a married and happy geek from Ukraine; pagan. My interests are family, foreign languages, books, music, magic. There will be booms in every language I speak or learn, so please bear with me. If a boom is not in English, I'll tell you.
  • kjw810
    Jesus has changed my life, and has given me a reason to sing. I thank God for that, and for my husband, Jeff.
  • DerryLawlor
    I enjoy a good glass of decent wine and listening to a good audio book. I also love audio described telly and films.